Welcome to the GROWhow ACADEMY!

eg Magazine is the central pillar of what we do...

It might be glossy like GQ, Esquire & Cosmopolitan but it's not just a feel good magazine, it's a grow better magazine! 

Every issue of the magazine is a Course with every section a Module, every article a Lesson and every contributor your Coach.

Along with our other Courses, Coaching, Consulting & Community, it's your toolkit for entrepreneurial THINKING, engaging TALES, essential TOOLS & effective TIPS to help you experience growth FASTER & expect to go FURTHER.

As the Good Book says, 'What you sow, you'll reap'...

In this case, if you sow engagement, you'll reap enlightenment, exposure and growth experiences in an environment that is created to help YOU discover Identity, define Intent & deliver Impact!

Available Products

the GROWhow experience Course

This book will take you on a Journey to discover, define and deliver your BiG ideas. You will be invited, inspired & incited to make your BiG ideas happen.

9 Profound Questions to Unlock your Growth

This course will expose you to the 9 Profound Questions to Unlock your  Growth, so you FEEL Good, THINK Better & BE Your Best in every area of your life. 

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